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Learn the basics of palm reading

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Palm reading online has become a way of predicting both the future and the past that is popular all around the world: from the furthest reaches of Asia to the corners of Europe and the savannas of Africa, palm reading, or palmistry as it is called by those who are more than just dabblers in tn it, is very popular. However, there are always deceptions and misunderstandings, which can only be cleared up by understanding the truth behind the field. Read on to know more about the truth about palm reading.

  • The Concept of Palmistry: A lot of people ask what the real concept is behind palmistry. In simple words, palmistry uses the lines of the hands and other such physical features to find out more about the personality of the person, along with finding out traits that they themselves might not know about. It’s commonly considered as fact that the lines of the non-dominant hand reveals more about the character of the person, while the dominant hand reveals information about the physical aspect of their lives. Palmistry is considered to be an organic way to read the future by the best astrologer in Jaipur.

    The Concept of Palmistry
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  • The Lines of the Hand: According to one of the best Astrologer in Jaipur, there are many different features of the hand that contribute towards the eventual larger picture, but the main and first feature inspected by palmists are the ‘lines’ of the hand. There are four main lines on each hand, respectively called the Marriage Lines, Heart Lines, Head Lines and Fate Lines, from the top. The Heart Line is said to represent the person’s capacity to love, and is what lovers and partners are generally interested in. The Head Line represents the person’s capacity to think and value judgement, while the fate line deals with how their destiny progresses.

    The Lines of the Hand
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  • The Topography of the Palm: Palmists study the entire hand, including the natural shape of the hand that comes as a result of the person’s lifestyle. The areas of the hand that are fleshy and have a defined shape are known as the ‘Mounts’ and ‘Plains’ of the hand, and are said to be related to the different aspects and facets of your life. The mounts of the hand are named after the planets, (which in turn are named after some of the most prominent Roman Gods), such as Apollo (which corresponds to the Sun), Mars, Mercury, Jupiter (the king of the Roman gods), Luna (considered to be the moon) and other such themes.

    The Topography of the Palm
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In the end, Palmistry stands as one of the most respected ways to read the future, and has been so for a number of years. While it is not always accurate, Palmistry more often than not brings a sense of closure to people during a time of both crisis and grieving. Other times, if you’re feeling down or sad, a cheerful palm reading can often be what you need to cheer up and face life on your own, as advised by Virendra Purohit, one of the top 10 astrologer in India.

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