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Palm reading arouses much curiosity in most people, because through hand lines, you can analyse and reveal anything about the past, present and future. Want to know what your palms say about you? You can easily get the solution and guidelines from the best palm reading online sites.

Palm Reading

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Although, a specialized Astrologer in Jaipur will be able to deeply notice all secrets in your hand. So, if you want to know something with precision and details on various subjects, it is necessary for someone spiritualized to read your palm. In this article, we will show you some principles of how to read the palm and its main divisions and characteristics.

The difference in hand

The difference in hand

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Everyone’s hands have different representativeness and functions in the analysis. When the right hand is read by a good Astrologer in Jaipur, they will find information about your future. And in the left hand, they will find details about its essence and way of life.

When they will be reading the hand, they can also notice some elements in the main characteristics of each person. The physical form and the strokes are the main elements to carry out the reading of the hand. You can also visit the best palm reading online site now.

The elements

  • Water type hands: They are deeply romantic and fragile, sensitive people.

  • Fire type hand: Those who have fire hands, they always need new airs to fully enjoy life.

  • Air type hand: They are more rational people, and present logical answers in all their decisions.

  • Earth type hands: According to best astrologer in Jaipur, those who have earth hands, always seek security, comfort and peace in their lives. They are very focused and determined in their own way.

Know the lines of the hands

  • Life line: this line contains information about the future and the personality traits of people.

  • Destination line: this line contains everything about your future. Reinforcing some characteristic or point. Through it, you can analyse the power to act and face that person has in his life.

  • Line of the head: this is the representation of our reasoning power, our intellect.

  • Heart line: in this line you find your emotional part, your sentimental characteristics.

  • Apollo / Sol line: Apollo line is not very easy to find. It is more present in the hands of accomplished people, successful in any area of ​​life.

Hand reading is an oracle of self-knowledge. With it people seek answers in a detailed and precise way, as it analyses the personal characteristics of each one, taking into account individual evidence expressed in its form.

Whom to consult with?

There are also several other minor signs that indicate different points for those who read the hands. So the greater the experience and spirituality to capture the details of the strokes, the more assertive the conclusion will be. So, if you want to know more about your future, how you can achieve your goals, then consult with Mr Virendra Purohit, the best astrologer in Jaipur. He will help you.

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